Hidetoshi Nakata is the best midfielder of Inazuma Eleven 2. His character is inspired to a real soccer player with the same name, very famous in Japan (and in Italy, 'cause he played in Serie A for Perugia and Roma). In Inazuma Eleven 2 he's the only one who learns Neo Galaxy on his own. And his stats are very high, so he can play in every area of the field. To scout him you need to:
- Have team level master;
- Have 77 or more players in your team;
- Have won 20 or more friendly matches in competition routes with S rank.

Make sure to meet those conditions or you can't scout Nakata. To unlock him you need to talk to some people in a certain order. Here's the list:

1) G-Mart in Nara. Talk to the boy in the middle of the room. Screenshots

2) City in Hokkaido, boy in the bottom-right of the first screen. Screenshots

3) Inazuma Station in Tokyo. If Nakata isn't there exit and re-enter. Screenshots

4) G-Mart in Kyoto. Talk to the boy in the bottom-left corner. Screenshots

5) Osaka, first screen. Talk to the boy in front of the truck on the right. He's random, so if he isn't there exit and re-enter. Screenshots

6) Inazuma station. Talk to the little girl standing where Nakata was. Screenshots

7) Finally! Inazuma Tower in Tokyo. Nakata is supposed to be near the training point, but the chances of finding him are very low. Exit and re-enter until he appears (if you're unlucky you need to do it more than 50 times). Screenshots

Ok, that was the easy part. The match vs Nakata is a lot more difficult.
First of all make sure the match starts. If not it's because your team level isn't master, you have less than 77 players in your team or less than 20 S in competition routes.
I said "the" match, but you need to win 3 mini-games to scout him. The first and the second one are quite easy, the last one is the most difficult mini-game of Inazuma Eleven 2. Their team level is very high (something like 75 or 80) and you need to win the match with 3 goals of advantage. Try your best to stop Nakata and his Neo-Galaxy, remember that you can use items to recover FP and TP. Even during the match.
If you succeed you can choose a slot to host Nakata, otherwise... screenshots. And you need to enter and exit from the tower until he appears again.