If you're looking for a player missing in this guide you can use the japanese version. It's complete with every player. And if you're wondering what's that "freedom" stat, here's a fast explanation: that's how much a player can use training points before the message "ability MAX" appears. It's very important because people with a high value of freedom can be customized a lot (some players have low base stats, but if their freedom is high enough they can become stronger than people with high base stats). Ah, and remember that you can increase freedom by 20 using Daisuke's notes.

Choose a team:

Inazuma Japan

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Mark Evans Earth GK 1251355353498052697922 Fist of Justice (Lv1) Hammer of Fury (Event) Dimensional Hand (Event) God Catch (Event)
Darren LaChance Wood GK 1131425954667256606425 God Hand (Lv1) Majin the Hand (Lv1) Mugen the Hand (Lv1) Fiend Hand (Event)
Jack Wallside Earth DF 1131164053626649655435 The Wall (Lv1) Mole Fake (Lv12) Stone Wall (Lv23) The Mountain (Lv35)
Scott Banyan Wood DF 1261144458576365725031 Whirlwind Force (Lv1) About Face (Lv1) Gale Dash (Lv22) Harvest (Lv42)
Archer Hawkins Air DF 1251247854525852487439 Never Give Up (Lv1) Vac Attack (Event) Breakthrough (Lv30) Hawk Shot (Lv40)
Tod Ironside Fire DF 1181145455535659566519 Deceptor Dribble (Lv1) Comet Shot (Lv7) Defence Plus (Lv20) Circus Block (Lv42)
Nathan Swift Air DF 1241226458685776584023 Flurry Dash (Lv1) Wind God's Dance (Lv15) Whirlwind Drop (Event) The Hurricane (Lv45)
Hurley Kane Air DF 132117757051615171659 Everyone Move It! (Lv1) Tsunami Boost (Lv1) The Typhoon (Event) Whale Guard (Lv28)
Thor Stoutberg Air MF 1241375680536250716820 Big Moves! (Lv1) Super Sumo Stomp (Lv1) Stone Wall (Lv25) Thunder Beast (Event)
Jordan Greenway Wood MF 1251246359795671556214 Astro Break (Lv1) Warp Drive (Lv5) Lightning Sprint (Lv38) Astro Gate (Event)
Caleb Stonewall Fire MF 126130597866586553649 Killer Slide (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Field of Force (Event) Emperor Penguin No.3 (Lv50)
Jude Sharp Air MF 1231266359795268566817 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Twin Boost (Lv1) Emperor Penguin No.3 (Event) Field of Force (Lv50)
David Samford Wood FW 1241267060615358706713 Offence Force (Lv1) Gale Dash (Lv1) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv1) Space Penguins (Lv70)
Shawn Froste Air FW 120120615972597762577 Eternal Blizzard (Lv1) Aurora Dribble (Lv1) Legendary Wolf (Lv1) Snow Angel (Event)
Xavier Foster Fire FW 111129716367586951609 Meteor Blade (Lv1) Photon Crash (Lv5) The Dawn (Lv35) Celestial Smash (Lv40)
Kevin Dragonfly Wood FW 1221247960495351647020 Dragon Crash (Lv1) Wyvern Crash (Lv18) Wyvern Blizzard (Lv32) Dragon Slayer (Event)
Austin Hobbes Wood FW 1201307256605560565742 Double Touch (Lv1) Tiger Drive (Event) Tiger Storm (Event) Gladius Arch (Event)
Axel Blaze Fire FW 1331237866625863606013 Fire Tornado (Lv1) Fireball Storm (Lv1) Fireball Screw (Event) Grand Fire (Event)

Big Waves

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Jinbei (ジンベイ) Air GK 1261385869497657487329 Great Barrier Reef (Lv1) Tsunami Wall (Lv40) Kangaroo Kick (Lv51) Keeper Plus (Lv64)
Seahorse (シーホース) Wood GK 1211305360626469535319 Great Barrier Reef (Lv1) Ice Block (Lv5) Freeze Shot (Lv26) Shot Pocket (Lv39)
Barracuda (バラクーダ) Air DF 1191096062516655505535 Horn Train (Lv1) Gravestone (Lv5) Wild Claw (Lv37) Mad Express (Lv63)
Beach (ビーチ) Fire DF 1221155368575864516431 Kangaroo Kick (Lv5) Shine Drive (Lv37) Spinning Cut (Lv40) Volcano Cut (Lv53)
Water (ウォーター) Air DF 1271086056486059507123 Gravestone (Lv5) Land of Ice (Lv20) Whirlwind Twister (Lv36) Southern Cross (Lv53)
Turtle (タートル) Wood DF 1261076952527256546421 Gravestone (Lv1) Whale Guard (Lv5) Great Barrier Reef (Lv39) Power Charge (Lv69)
Kraken (クラーケン) Wood DF 1191185261626852486240 Whale Guard (Lv1) Kangaroo Kick (Lv1) Economy! (Lv34) Barbarian Shield (Lv73)
Dolphin (ドルフィン) Air MF 1191266392715757496723 Megalodon (Lv1) Tsunami Boost (Lv5) Cool Up! (Lv45) Mirage Shot (Lv63)
Shrimp (シュリンプ) Fire MF 122944870635667536231 Water Veil (Lv5) Moonsault (Lv20) Gravestone (Lv36) Stone Prison (Lv61)
Crab (クラブ) Earth MF 1201095872496342536229 Mole Fake (Lv1) Gravestone (Lv5) Kung Fu Fighting (Lv38) Power Charge (Lv70)
Surfing (サーフィン) Air MF 1231104959695271495949 Water Veil (Lv1) Tsunami Boost (Lv21) Moonsault (Lv33) Deceptor Dribble (Lv46)
Angler (アングラー) Fire MF 1171056062605661506819 Kangaroo Kick (Lv1) Never Give Up (Lv22) Spider Web (Lv36) Tsunami Boost (Lv42)
Summer (サマー) Fire MF 1361185259616070526730 Kangaroo Kick (Lv1) Gale Dash (Lv37) Comet Shot (Lv45) Flame Dance (Lv57)
Reef (リーフ) Wood FW 1271177661615757556323 Megalodon (Lv1) Moonsault (Lv1) Comet Shot (Lv30) No Element (Lv56)
Jaws (ジョーズ) Fire FW 1221128356464042447046 Megalodon (Lv1) Water Veil (Lv1) Ghost Pull (Lv12) Mega Quake (Lv48)
Merlin (マーリン) Earth FW 1221127056504862545922 Spinning Cut (Lv1) Comet Shot (Lv5) Kangaroo Kick (Lv22) Mirage Shot (Lv59)

Desert Lion

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Nasser (ナセル) Fire GK 1361385655467249765132 Storm Rider (Lv1) Horn Train (Lv13) Lucky! (Lv35) Counter Strike (Lv49)
Talal (タラル) Earth GK 1401304865507955736419 Storm Rider (Lv1) Tornado Catch (Lv15) Whirlwind (Lv20) Power Charge (Lv58)
Bjorn (ビヨン) Wood DF 124116516265725875617 Mirage Shot (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Desert Blast (Lv1) Defence Force (Lv1)
Jamel (ジャメル) Earth DF 1301094853576678705714 Desert Blast (Lv1) Double Cyclone (Lv1) Breakthrough (Lv22) Cross Drive (Lv34)
Fual (ファル) Wood DF 144965460525648826230 Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Bewildered (Lv8) Deceptor Dribble (Lv28) Power Charge (Lv63)
Musa (ムサ) Wood DF 1381055764536849735532 Desert Blast (Lv1) The Wall (Lv16) Bewildered (Lv31) Gigant Wall (Lv55)
Hassan (ハッサン) Fire DF 1391035458566253805128 Desert Blast (Lv1) Doppelganger (Lv20) Dog Run (Lv32) Fireball Storm (Lv62)
Khalfan (ハルファン) Wood DF 1281244763636149736926 Desert Blast (Lv1) Double Cyclone (Lv20) Breakthrough (Lv30) No Escape (Lv60)
Seid (セイド) Air MF 1331085662516451994821 Dash Storm (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv52) Breakthrough 2 (Lv65)
Sly (スライ) Air MF 1281145852535662765232 Whirlwind Twister (Lv1) Fake Ball (Lv13) Clone Faker (Lv50) Clone Defence (Lv67)
Messa (メッサー) Earth MF 1301125754586248865228 Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Dirt Ball (Lv20) Breakthrough 2 (Lv42) Body Shield (Lv57)
Yusuf (ユスフ) Air MF 1311106267635748806024 Dash Storm (Lv1) Magic (Lv7) Hawk Shot (Lv28) Lightning Sprint (Lv48)
Rajab (ラジャブ) Fire MF 1231155056547256795916 Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Meteor Attack (Lv18) Patriot Shot (Lv27) Dual Strike (Lv62)
Zach (ザック) Fire FW 1351079649504661755226 Mirage Shot (Lv1) Desert Blast (Lv1) Dynamite Shot (Lv20) Beast Fang (Lv53)
Adele (アデル) Earth FW 1341075559555867724923 Mirage Shot (Lv1) Dynamite Shot (Lv8) Study (Lv33) Heavy Mettle (Lv57)
Majidi (マジティ) Wood FW 137119616062547180544 Power Element (Lv6) Mirage Shot (Lv8) Wild Claw (Lv24) Astro Break (Lv43)

Fire Dragon

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Jung-Soo (ジョンス) Wood GK 1251325456527248541031 Dai Bakuhatsu Harite (Lv1) Flame Breath (Lv20) Burn Out (Lv20) Konshin! (Lv47)
Ji-Nan (チナン) Air GK 1151285148526548486830 Dai Bakuhatsu Harite (Lv1) Blazing Knuckle (Lv25) Critical! (Lv36) Burn Out (Lv50)
Eum-Yang (ウミャン) Air DF 133110525465706655644 Killer Slide (Lv1) Ground Running Blaze (Lv10) Cyclone (Lv34) Shooting Star (Lv53)
Doo-Yoon (ドゥユン) Air DF 1291285357565963506022 Volcano Cut (Lv1) Ground Running Blaze (Lv10) Killer Slide (Lv25) Rodeo Clown (Lv38)
Myong-Ho (ミョンホ) Fire DF 124134655250694863608 Flame Dance (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv5) Ground Running Blaze (Lv10) Divine Arrows (Lv54)
Seong-Hwan (ソンファン) Wood DF 1191274854517049506130 Ground Running Blaze (Lv1) Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv16) Utter Gutsiness Catch (Lv23) Defence Plus (Lv42)
Hyeon-Dae (ヒョンデ) Fire DF 1301066564535254486811 Ground Running Blaze (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv25) Asteroid Belt (Lv31) Power Charge (Lv67)
Chang-Soo (チャンスウ) Fire MF 1021095265856054506313 Abaddon Drop (Lv1) Critical! (Lv1) Dragon Cannon (Lv20) Land Dragon (Lv63)
Pek-Young (ペクヨン) Earth MF 122129487653794354485 Ground Running Blaze (Lv1) Flame Veil (Lv1) Heat Tackle (Lv20) Trickery! (Lv46)
Eun-Young (ウンヨン) Earth MF 1081174876487746404523 Abaddon Drop (Lv1) Flame Veil (Lv1) Slack Off (Lv1) Rolling Hell (Lv20)
Jeong-Yun (チョンユン) Wood MF 127123496768665151698 Abaddon Drop (Lv1) Spider Web (Lv24) Rolling Hell (Lv25) Breakthrough 2 (Lv61)
Jeong-Won (ジョンオン) Earth MF 128120535060566260747 Abaddon Drop (Lv1) Rolling Hell (Lv20) Defence Scan (Lv28) Spectacular Crash (Lv55)
Aphrodi (アフロディ) Wood MF 1301306360775961595822 Shot Force (Lv1) God Knows (Lv1) Heaven's Time (Lv1) Chaos Break (Lv1)
Burn (バーン) Fire FW 1331087571555858616710 Power Element (Lv1) Flame Veil (Lv1) Atomic Flare (Lv10) Fire Blizzard (Lv50)
Gazel (ガゼル) Air FW 129118656565686657609 Power Element (Lv1) Water Veil (Lv1) Northern Impact (Lv10) Fire Blizzard (Lv50)
Seong-Jun (ソンジュン) Earth FW 1271247548495754486433 Flame Veil (Lv1) Whirlwind Twister (Lv12) Cool Up! (Lv43) Eagle Buster (Lv72)

Knights of Queen

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Freddy (フレディ) Fire GK 1201405067488251466422 Galatyn (Lv1) Safety First (Lv14) Invisible Fake (Lv32) Black Hole (Lv47)
Gareth (ギャレス) Earth GK 1341364357686962564838 Galatyn (Lv15) Killer Blade (Lv30) Drill Smasher (Lv43) Excalibur (Lv73)
Johnny G (ジョニーG) Wood DF 1281275262676862625413 Stone Prison (Lv1) No Escape (Lv1) Heat Tackle (Lv29) Fake Ball (Lv63)
David (デービッド) Earth DF 1271085460786653555015 Stone Prison (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv16) Breakthrough (Lv34) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv57)
Lance (ランス) Air DF 126120657156585454779 Stone Prison (Lv1) Cross Drive (Lv21) Galatyn (Lv32) Excalibur (Lv60)
Edge (エッジ) Wood DF 1231175454537169586217 Killer Blade (Lv1) Stone Prison (Lv10) Spinning Cut (Lv30) Vac Attack (Lv49)
Martin (マーティン) Fire DF 1051095148695662346265 Dash Accelerator (Lv6) Ultra Moon (Lv15) Fake Bomber (Lv27) Unicorn Boost (Lv68)
Peter (ピーター) Fire MF 1331035166605356715715 Ultra Moon (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv17) Dynamite Shot (Lv37) Echo Ball (Lv62)
Gary (ゲイリー) Earth MF 1241165484725952475414 Ultra Moon (Lv1) Coil Turn (Lv5) Deceptor Dribble (Lv26) Stone Prison (Lv41)
Paul (ポール) Wood MF 1251095558605459605747 Ultra Moon (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv11) Cyclone (Lv33) Echo Ball (Lv59)
Eric (エリック) Fire MF 1271166563525564515544 Paladin Strike (Lv1) Snake Shot (Lv8) Reflect Buster (Lv28) Lightning Sprint (Lv49)
Beat (ビート) Earth MF 1371076562444356646638 Stone Prison (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv28) God Hand (Lv37) Flash Upper (Lv71)
Mikey (マイキー) Wood MF 1301225553695171605143 Ultra Moon (Lv1) Study (Lv18) Shadow Stitch (Lv45) Power Charge (Lv74)
Edgar (エドガー) Wood FW 1261199671584757485726 Excalibur (Lv1) Paladin Strike (Lv1) Ultra Moon (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv58)
Philip (フィリップ) Earth FW 1221219044525068606316 Paladin Strike (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv25) Lightning Sprint (Lv30) Gale Dash (Lv62)
Nick (ニック) Air FW 1251146759515451625639 Lightning Sprint (Lv1) Paladin Strike (Lv20) Magic (Lv28) Ganymede Ray (Lv41)

The Empire

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Jorge (ホルヘ) Fire GK 1251285654498060605924 Million Hands (Lv1) Dog Run (Lv40) Storm Rider (Lv58) Infinite Wall (Lv65)
Lionel (リオネル) Air GK 1331285260495657605646 Power Shield (Lv1) Full Power Shield (Lv15) Zigzag Flame (Lv34) Power Charge (Lv55)
Therese (テレス) Fire DF 1341295262608259517017 Zigzag Flame (Lv1) Defence Plus (Lv1) Iron Wall (Lv20) Ignite Steal (Lv60)
Julio (フリオ) Wood DF 1341186770487462513625 Fake Ball (Lv1) Zigzag Flame (Lv15) Heat Tackle (Lv37) Harvest (Lv55)
Gordo (ゴルド) Wood DF 1261024958607352427720 Super Armadillo (Lv1) Zigzag Flame (Lv15) Rolling Hell (Lv33) Million Hands (Lv52)
Ramon (ラモン) Earth DF 1221265359516956547815 Circus Block (Lv1) Leaping Thunder (Lv15) Shooting Star (Lv38) Acrobat Bomber (Lv55)
Hernan (エルナン) Air DF 12899526060756052766 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Circus Block (Lv20) Rocket Kobushi (Lv36) Ultra Moon (Lv57)
Esteban (エステバン) Air MF 1271035859586459586913 Dog Run (Lv1) Quick Draw (Lv30) Armadillo Circus (Lv35) Spinning Cut (Lv40)
Sergio (セルヒオ) Wood MF 1261054760527065556422 Bubble Gum (Lv1) Afterimage (Lv28) Zigzag Spark (Lv30) Triple Dash (Lv65)
Roberto (ロベルト) Air MF 122108686054657962583 Dog Run (Lv1) Cyclone (Lv31) Double Rocket (Lv36) Iron Wall (Lv52)
Pablo (パブロ) Air MF 128996871486060526015 Hawk Shot (Lv1) Fireball Head (Lv1) Zigzag Flame (Lv15) Triangle Z (Lv58)
Herman (ヘルマン) Wood MF 1241155377406052454064 Armadillo Circus (Lv1) Dirt Ball (Lv32) Reflect Buster (Lv58) Dog Run (Lv66)
Leone (レオーネ) Fire FW 1301206858446876415230 Hellfire (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv1) Condor Dive (Lv33) Eagle Buster (Lv36)
Diego (ディエゴ) Earth FW 125117615966605660716 Hellfire (Lv1) Big Fan (Lv29) Eagle Buster (Lv36) Assault Shot (Lv46)
Mario (マリオ) Fire FW 1361035061525758505252 Magic (Lv1) Twin Boost (Lv12) Supreme Spin (Lv34) Land Dragon (Lv62)
Ricardo (リカルド) Earth FW 12810643404056416740108 Gyro Head (Lv1) Never Give Up (Lv1) Eagle Buster (Lv20) Dual Strike (Lv59)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Kid (キッド) Wood GK 1001297240447575376720 Flash Upper (Lv1) Economy! (Lv1) Rocket Kobushi (Lv32) Gunshot (Lv75)
Alex (アレックス) Earth GK 1051149276394735328916 Counter Strike (Lv1) Hawk Shot (Lv12) Afterimage (Lv40) Eagle Buster (Lv58)
Ted (テッド) Earth DF 1211444740455568486256 Power Charge (Lv1) Quick Draw (Lv15) Moonsault (Lv36) Flame Dance (Lv55)
Tony (トニー) Fire DF 1401155268537452544928 Killer Slide (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv15) Patriot Shot (Lv30) Horn Train (Lv50)
Dyke (ダイク) Air DF 128867673348037327327 Power Charge (Lv1) Flash Upper (Lv10) Mega Quake (Lv36) Fist of Justice (Lv70)
Domon (ドモン) Wood DF 129125566162766065619 The Ikaros (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv1) Back Tornado (Lv1) Defence Force (Lv1)
Rob (ロブ) Air DF 1181126351525062565634 Acrobat Bomber (Lv1) Blade Attack (Lv18) Power Charge (Lv32) Assault Shot (Lv54)
Bob (ボブ) Air DF 1271226954555152495452 Bubble Gum (Lv1) Slack Off (Lv1) Blade Attack (Lv18) Infinite Wall (Lv60)
Steve (スティーブ) Fire MF 1321075268525449647020 Killer Slide (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv10) Twin Boost (Lv35) The Ikaros (Lv55)
Ichinose (イチノセ) Wood MF 130128796072646353710 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Flame Dance (Lv1) Pegasus Shot (Lv15) Fukkatsu! (Lv65)
Sean (ショーン) Earth MF 1181354958724340404469 Zigzag Spark (Lv1) Study (Lv1) Freeze Shot (Lv10) Pegasus Shot (Lv65)
Mark (マーク) Wood MF 131130688864575857544 Grand Fenrir (Lv1) The Ikaros (Lv1) Offence Force (Lv1) Tri-Pegasus (Lv45)
Sammy (サミー) Wood MF 132983237363675767862 Gyro Head (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv18) Double Cyclone (Lv35) Rodeo Clown (Lv40)
Dylan (ディラン) Fire FW 125110955260475160628 Unicorn Boost (Lv1) Bubble Gum (Lv15) Revolution V (Lv42) Big Moves! (Lv50)
Michele (ミケーレ) Earth FW 1251246266695550605310 Tri-Pegasus (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv1) Revolution V (Lv40) Ultra Moon (Lv65)
Eddie (エディ) Fire FW 1281025957635656585227 Spinning Cut (Lv1) Spinning Shot (Lv18) Rolling Hell (Lv29) Shooting Star (Lv38)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Blasi (ブラージ) Air GK 1071246350728632368312 Colosseum Guard (Lv1) Critical! (Lv1) Earthquake (Lv33) Gigant Wall (Lv42)
Daniele (ダニエレ) Fire GK 1361364868537566376124 Gigant Wall (Lv1) Blazing Knuckle (Lv1) Wood Chopper (Lv33) Colosseum Guard (Lv63)
Vento (ベント) Air DF 1261224252567780565611 Flurry Dash (Lv1) Barbarian Shield (Lv20) Dash Storm (Lv53) Speed Plus (Lv62)
Ottorino (オットリ) Wood DF 1401266066617253566113 Full Power Shield (Lv1) Barbarian Shield (Lv20) Power Charge (Lv38) Ganymede Ray (Lv56)
Gattuso (ガッツ) Fire DF 135115585262765147863 Double Touch (Lv1) Barbarian Shield (Lv20) Clone Defence (Lv40) Perimeter Zone (Lv57)
Marco (マルコ) Earth DF 132122566165666268565 Circus Block (Lv1) Moonsault (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv35) Echo Ball (Lv57)
Giuseppe (ジュゼッペ) Air DF 1401224948557752486445 Circus Block (Lv1) Mole Fake (Lv1) Mole Shuffle (Lv48) Echo Ball (Lv62)
Angelo (アンジェロ) Air MF 1151335053646872485823 Divine Arrows (Lv1) Photon Crash (Lv1) Shine Drive (Lv37) Heaven's Time (Lv60)
Giorgio (ジョジョ) Earth MF 132126567461595954616 Blade Attack (Lv1) Echo Ball (Lv15) Blazing Knuckle (Lv32) Heaven's Time (Lv57)
Dante (ダンテ) Fire MF 140124837052515142767 Echo Ball (Lv1) Barbarian Shield (Lv20) Heavy Mettle (Lv35) Divine Stamp (Lv55)
Gianluca (ジャンルカ) Wood MF 1221235665645764525611 Heel Kick (Lv1) Echo Ball (Lv15) Triple Boost (Lv40) Water Veil (Lv65)
Enrico (エンリコ) Earth MF 1281266577525352545619 Double Touch (Lv1) Cross Drive (Lv1) Echo Ball (Lv59) Triple Boost (Lv68)
Alessandro (アレクサンド) Wood MF 100148616262576358563 Double Touch (Lv1) Rainbow Arc (Lv1) Circus Block (Lv45) Lucky! (Lv65)
Hide Nakata (ヒデナカタ) Earth MF 144120857070606468621 Big Moves! (Lv1) Brave Shot (Lv1) Circus Block (Lv20) Super Elastico (Lv60)
Fidio (フィディオ) Wood FW 115130627879466658665 Odin Sword (Lv1) Double Touch (Lv1) Divine Arrows (Lv42) Cool Up! (Lv58)
Raffaele (ラファエレ) Earth FW 1201187060526371486016 Freeze Shot (Lv1) Quick Draw (Lv28) Reflect Buster (Lv40) Triple Boost (Lv65)

The Kingdom

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Falcao (ファルカオ) Earth GK 1201364961527259625640 Capoeira Snatch (Lv1) Wild Claw (Lv1) Tarzan Kick (Lv33) Mole Shuffle (Lv55)
Javali (シャバリー) Earth GK 121137765663764047755 Clone Block (Lv1) Fireball Head (Lv1) Capoeira Snatch (Lv50) Utter Gutsiness Catch (Lv65)
Lagarto (ラガルート) Wood DF 1241175051506869646820 Rolling Slide (Lv1) Moonsault (Lv1) Flame Dance (Lv35) Ultra Moon (Lv50)
Bagre (バーグレ) Air DF 122116475958664860619 Dual Storm (Lv1) Acrobat Bomber (Lv1) Harvest (Lv44) Big Moves! (Lv60)
Monstro (モンストロ) Fire DF 1281159664405851486714 Rolling Slide (Lv1) Blade Attack (Lv1) The Wall (Lv38) Table-Turner (Lv48)
Formiga (フォルミガ) Earth DF 1231215156627060565717 Three Legged Rush (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv1) Back Tornado (Lv1) Flame Breath (Lv55)
Urso (ウルソ) Fire DF 1301225058566653515138 Clone Defence (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv1) Triple Defence (Lv50) Security Shot (Lv52)
Cavalo (カバーロ) Fire DF 1101326860686444447113 Clone Defence (Lv1) Photon Crash (Lv1) Rolling Slide (Lv38) Divine Stamp (Lv53)
Presa (プレザ) Air MF 115129525874487550770 Rolling Slide (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv1) Economy! (Lv1) Wind God's Dance (Lv57)
Borboleta (ボルボレタ) Air MF 118110676069626564485 Shine Drive (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv1) Big Fan (Lv38) Steeple Shot (Lv53)
Coruja (コルジァ) Earth MF 12712252645575706964-11 Shine Drive (Lv1) Super Elastico (Lv1) Dash Accelerator (Lv1) Run Ball Run (Lv50)
Leonardo (レオナルド) Wood MF 1301256810051684539609 Double Tornado (Lv1) Super Elastico (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv1) Southern Cross (Lv53)
Tigre (ティグレ) Air MF 1271185274585069605111 Double Tornado (Lv1) Three Legged Rush (Lv1) Move It! (Lv1) Heat Tackle (Lv44)
Roniejo (ロニージョ) Fire FW 130114856070606063548 Samba Strike (Lv1) Super Elastico (Lv1) Spinning Shot (Lv40) Power Element (Lv55)
Gato (ガト) Fire FW 13012176685768635560-5 Shine Drive (Lv1) Fireball Head (Lv1) Whirlwind Cut (Lv38) Samba Strike (Lv65)
Grilo (グリロ) Wood FW 1331256358575558496219 Shine Drive (Lv1) Gyro Head (Lv1) Bubble Gum (Lv39) Super Elastico (Lv60)

Little Gigant

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Rococo (ロココ) Earth GK 110132585057855569738 Soul Hand (Lv1) X Blast (Lv1) God Hand X (Lv2) Blade Attack (Lv50)
Kane (ケーン) Wood GK 1141305552555268525248 Majin The Hand (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv1) God Hand X (Lv25) Mugen The Hand (Lv65)
Windy (ウィンディ) Air DF 1151046857696078504517 Clone Defence (Lv1) Clone Faker (Lv10) Air Ride (Lv25) The Hurricane (Lv55)
Walter (ウォルター) Earth DF 1301206365607145484940 Mole Shuffle (Lv1) Super Armadillo (Lv10) Ground Quake (Lv25) The Mountain (Lv59)
Ginny (ジニー) Wood DF 1231155652686752626112 Shadow Stitch (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv1) Double Cyclone (Lv10) No Element (Lv65)
Marron (マロン) Fire DF 1241274848525660626650 Deceptor Dribble (Lv1) Lucky! (Lv1) Rainbow Arc (Lv10) Flame Dance (Lv52)
McCall (マッコール) Fire DF 1231225252695555565042 Whirlwind Force (Lv1) Spinning Shot (Lv20) Capoeira Snatch (Lv58) Lucky! (Lv58)
Shintei (シンティ) Air MF 120100626262626265623 Lightning Sprint (Lv1) Shooting Star (Lv10) Dash Storm (Lv20) Triple Defence (Lv50)
Yumu (ユーム) Wood MF 1281085976625848486126 Armadillo Circus (Lv1) Gyro Head (Lv10) Kung Fu Fighting (Lv25) Dual Strike (Lv52)
Kito (キート) Fire MF 128114646061604961761 Double Grenade (Lv1) Everyone Move It! (Lv1) Fake Bomber (Lv15) Leaping Thunder (Lv52)
Maxi (マキシ) Air MF 127120606279685658624 Speed Force (Lv1) Gaia Break (Lv1) Air Ride (Lv25) Study (Lv65)
Maygar (メイガー) Earth MF 1221285861626059626017 Fake Ball (Lv1) Meteor Shower (Lv18) God Knows (Lv55) Spectacular Crash (Lv65)
Ryuu (リュー) Air MF 1361257363505260605513 Eternal Blizzard (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv20) Wind God's Dance (Lv58) Whale Guard (Lv62)
Squid (スキッド) Fire FW 1191324370577153557018 Tsunami Boost (Lv1) Everyone Move It! (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv20) Water Veil (Lv60)
Goushu (ゴーシュ) Fire FW 133124796658626664567 Fire Tornado (Lv1) Flame Dance (Lv20) Heat Tackle (Lv28) Fireball Screw (Lv65)
Drago (ドラゴ) Wood FW 1241178556625030716731 Double Jaw (Lv10) Air Ride (Lv25) Dragon Crash (Lv50) Konshin! (Lv65)

Team K

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Indigo (インディゴ) Earth GK 1141345250517636426837 Full Power Shield (Lv1) Worm Hole (Lv25) Road Roller (Lv50) Fist of Justice (Lv65)
Grigio (グリッジョ) Wood GK 114944264486732633845 Power Shield (Lv1) Gigant Wall (Lv40) Rainbow Arc (Lv40) Ghost Pull (Lv55)
Roseo (ロゼオ) Fire DF 1151264044406952457049 Killer Slide (Lv1) Harvest (Lv15) Shadow Stitch (Lv30) Field of Force (Lv68)
Azbel (アズベル) Air DF 1131165353527144546536 Killer Slide (Lv1) Gravitation (Lv20) Sliding Goal (Lv32) Planet Shield (Lv50)
Nero (ネッロ) Earth DF 1091224162465467335649 Killer Slide (Lv1) Spider Web (Lv15) Triple Boost (Lv58) Big Spider (Lv68)
Azzurro (アズロ) Air DF 1071284464646340455238 Killer Slide (Lv1) Never Give Up (Lv1) Whirlwind Cut (Lv15) Diabolical Cut (Lv65)
Pardo (パルド) Wood DF 1071204064505244525539 Spiral Shot (Lv1) Harvest (Lv20) Abaddon Drop (Lv44) Counter Strike (Lv50)
Verdio (ベルディオ) Wood MF 1151173757685251457353 Breakthrough (Lv1) No Element (Lv1) Clone Defence (Lv20) Heavy Mettle (Lv30)
Rosso (ロッソ) Earth MF 1081077157526253484629 Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv30) Divine Stamp (Lv38) Bamboo Pattern (Lv45)
Giallo (ジャッロ) Earth MF 1181036351485068416437 Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Fire Tornado (Lv1) Triangle Z (Lv40) Asteroid Belt (Lv45)
Marrone (マッローネ) Earth MF 1071175659525349575154 Killer Slide (Lv1) Megaton Head (Lv32) Afterimage (Lv35) Perimeter Zone (Lv38)
Amaranto (アマラント) Fire MF 1061205863406246417247 Double Grenade (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv15) Rolling Kick (Lv33) Twin Boost F (Lv50)
Demonio (デモーニオ) Fire MF 1181147669764872535212 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Emperor Penguin X (Lv1) Twin Boost (Lv15) Inazuma Break (Lv20)
Violette (ビオレテ) Air FW 1161165253605157485241 Meteor Shower (Lv1) Jinx (Lv1) Death Zone (Lv20) Double Wrath Shot (Lv42)
Bianco (ビアンコ) Earth FW 109997456564247405935 Twin Boost F (Lv1) Breakthrough (Lv15) Clone Faker (Lv35) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv42)
Lattimo (ラッティモ) Wood FW 1101097144454474614140 Dash Storm (Lv1) Twin Boost F (Lv20) Ganymede Ray (Lv46) Diabolical Cut (Lv58)

Team Garshield

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Fox (フォクス) Earth GK 1271395750607065495217 Keeper Plus (Lv1) Big Spider (Lv2) Killer Blade (Lv45) Meteor Shower (Lv45)
Goliath (ゴライアス) Fire GK 1331386764525954494822 Killer Slide (Lv1) Big Spider (Lv30) Swan Dive (Lv30) Planet Shield (Lv60)
Jackal (ジャッカル) Wood DF 1201326249526855555217 Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv10) Abaddon Drop (Lv30) Shadow Stitch (Lv45)
Henktacker (ヘンクタッカー) Fire DF 128135526877695254641 Breakthrough 3 (Lv1) Trickery! (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv10) Heaven's Time (Lv50)
Buffalo (バファロ) Wood DF 1141286056526053525813 Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Recovery (Lv1) Road Roller (Lv20) Big Spider (Lv58)
Dingo (ディンゴ) Earth DF 116136506061576160526 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Asteroid Belt (Lv30) Aikido (Lv45) Three Legged Rush (Lv65)
Spider (スパイダー) Wood DF 13813652695573486854-3 Ghost Pull (Lv1) Spider Web (Lv1) Big Spider (Lv30) Gravitation (Lv40)
Papillon (パピヨン) Air DF 136136535077517452593 Psycho Shot (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv10) Asteroid Belt (Lv45) Ice Block (Lv62)
Owl (オウル) Air MF 1391275459546149565423 Hawk Shot (Lv1) Breakthrough 3 (Lv20) Meteor Shower (Lv45) Shooting Star (Lv55)
Hedge (ヘッジ) Earth MF 1331294957525758666013 Dark Whirlwind (Lv1) Toughness Block (Lv1) Body Shield (Lv1) Heavy Mettle (Lv20)
Mantis (マンティス) Wood MF 1321306070494860525712 Gravitation (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv20) Critical! (Lv58) Temporal Wall (Lv69)
Crow (クロウ) Air MF 122130536451537248646 Diabolical Cut (Lv1) Death Zone (Lv20) Rolling Hell (Lv45) Emperor Penguin X (Lv65)
Giraffe (ジラフ) Earth MF 130129627648535270559 Doppelganger (Lv1) Breakthrough 3 (Lv25) Teleport Shot (Lv35) Rolling Hell (Lv50)
Coyote (コヨーテ) Air FW 1241295956515060527222 Poison Fog (Lv1) Shoot Plus (Lv1) Dark Tornado (Lv25) Heavy Mettle (Lv50)
Scorpio (スコーピオ) Wood FW 122137697951535053485 Dash Storm (Lv1) Dark Phoenix (Lv35) Clone Faker (Lv44) Ganymede Ray (Lv58)
Gavial (ガビアル) Air FW 1371287062565756525613 Warp Drive (Lv1) Dark Tornado (Lv25) Desert Blast (Lv38) Breakthrough 2 (Lv42)

Red Matador

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Fermín (フェルミン) Fire GK 1291344545479740667028 Horn Train (Lv12) Stinger (Lv20) Fireball Head (Lv45) Drill Smasher (Lv60)
Juan (フアン) Earth GK 1331255851407667395242 Flash Upper (Lv1) Matador Feint (Lv24) Rocket Kobushi (Lv34) Burn Out (Lv57)
Queraldo (ケラルド) Earth DF 1341016861456366675122 Welcome Back (Lv10) Matador Feint (Lv28) Sling Shot (Lv36) Never Give Up (Lv51)
José (ホセ) Air DF 1181104345617352565545 Clone Faker (Lv1) Sling Shot (Lv1) Gravestone (Lv28) Spinning Cut (Lv48)
Rafael (ラファエル) Wood DF 1221204559557648746221 Welcome Back (Lv10) Flame Dance (Lv16) Super Elastico (Lv50) Defence Force (Lv62)
Antonio (アントニオ) Earth DF 1301035462486552407929 Welcome Back (Lv10) Million Hands (Lv30) About Face (Lv39) Barbarian Shield (Lv57)
Laudi (ラウディ) Wood DF 123108576640646354595 Volcano Cut (Lv8) Welcome Back (Lv10) Big Spider (Lv48) Dash Accelerator (Lv54)
Joan (ホアン) Wood MF 1251214075704464704420 Spinning Cut (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv41) U-Boat (Lv60) Clone Defence (Lv63)
Igor (イゴル) Fire MF 1301195268785560674427 Welcome Back (Lv10) Dual Pass (Lv27) Bubble Gum (Lv35) Shine Drive (Lv49)
Miquel (ミケル) Air MF 1261146857735178494713 Sling Shot (Lv1) Clone Faker (Lv43) Study (Lv47) U-Boat (Lv60)
Pedro (ペドロ) Air MF 1241026958603376544939 Matador Feint (Lv1) Sling Shot (Lv15) Sneaking Raid (Lv60) Liar Shot (Lv70)
Carlos (カルロス) Earth MF 128115517356565179476 Perimeter Zone (Lv12) Flame Veil (Lv32) Abaddon Drop (Lv42) Iron Wall (Lv50)
Samuel (サムエル) Earth FW 1201096674594371446425 Sling Shot (Lv30) Matador Feint (Lv31) Land Dragon (Lv48) Odin Sword (Lv67)
David (ダビ) Wood FW 117103706655405652637 Sling Shot (Lv40) Matador Feint (Lv46) Critical! (Lv53) Twin Boost (Lv60)
Isaac (イサーク) Air FW 1251146776564982425216 Fire Tornado (Lv11) Sling Shot (Lv15) Super Elastico (Lv46) Assault Shot (Lv55)
Federico (フェデリコ) Fire FW 134100478168355961609 Welcome Back (Lv10) Sling Shot (Lv15) Everyone Move It! (Lv39) Super Elastico (Lv64)

Rose Griffon

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Ladji (ラッジ) Wood GK 1161434866637258565419 Stinger (Lv1) Galatyn (Lv55) God Catch (Lv60) Keeper Plus (Lv61)
Émile (エミール) Earth GK 1271365069606755546619 Stinger (Lv20) Hammer of Fury (Lv42) Bed Of Roses (Lv52) Shot Pocket (Lv55)
Pierre (ピエール) Air DF 1161275355745556516335 Bed Of Roses (Lv1) Flame Dance (Lv16) Photon Crash (Lv24) Triangle Z (Lv62)
Miguel (ミゲル) Wood DF 1131195062627247445328 Magic (Lv1) Snow Angel (Lv9) Ground Running Blaze (Lv23) Armadillo Circus (Lv57)
Frantz (フランツ) Air DF 1221205359636048495243 The Wall (Lv1) Mega Quake (Lv12) Full Power Shield (Lv26) Iron Wall (Lv53)
Kevin (ケビン) Fire DF 120121506767566160537 Lightning Sprint (Lv1) Tiger Drive (Lv18) Zigzag Flame (Lv33) Trickery! (Lv54)
André (アンドレ) Fire DF 110118526768585856594 Divine Stamp (Lv6) Flame Dance (Lv17) Afterimage (Lv28) Black Hole (Lv47)
Jean (ジャン) Wood DF 1091215251646054425535 Fake Bomber (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv48) Everyone Move It! (Lv65)
Laurent (ローラン) Wood MF 1121315552705965485252 Invisible Fake (Lv7) Dog Run (Lv20) Gravitation (Lv28) Triple Boost (Lv68)
Ronnie (ロニー) Air MF 1271175755665260485532 Eiffel Drive (Lv20) Photon Crash (Lv29) Cool Up! (Lv53) Tri-Pegasus (Lv55)
Stéphane (ステファン) Fire MF 1151205154645652495368 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Bed Of Roses (Lv10) Mirage Shot (Lv22) Echo Ball (Lv58)
Julien (ジュリアン) Earth MF 1291245662796157526820 Bed Of Roses (Lv1) Photon Crash (Lv8) Tri-Pegasus (Lv53) Cool Up! (Lv65)
Claude (クロード) Air MF 1251155870715750485616 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Moonsault (Lv12) Heaven's Time (Lv34) Offence Plus (Lv53)
Jérôme (ジェローム) Fire FW 1331186066705157645212 Illusion Ball (Lv1) Eiffel Drive (Lv20) Double Jaw (Lv61) Speed Plus (Lv67)
Alain (アラン) Fire FW 117113626172475860525 Eiffel Drive (Lv1) Cyclone (Lv1) Dog Run (Lv33) Tri-Pegasus (Lv59)
Michel (ミシェル) Air FW 1191246361685063505023 Land of Ice (Lv1) Reflect Buster (Lv21) Astro Gate (Lv35) Galatyn (Lv46)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Torsten (トルステン) Wood GK 120132646362735257564 Shoot Wrap (Lv7) Sneaking Raid (Lv20) Stinger (Lv50) Keeper Plus (Lv53)
Ger (ゲル) Air GK 1181296164557962584612 Shoot Wrap (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv45) Table-Turner (Lv50) Galatyn (Lv60)
Alex (アレク) Fire DF 125116626361655759584 Sneaking Raid (Lv1) Stone Prison (Lv23) Economy! (Lv42) Emperor Penguin X (Lv51)
Heinrich (ハインリヒ) Air DF 125109637365645856617 Blade Attack (Lv1) Sneaking Raid (Lv30) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv54) Galatyn (Lv60)
Kurt (クルト) Wood DF 1261045773625457515712 U-Boat (Lv1) Mole Fake (Lv12) The Wall (Lv27) The Mountain (Lv48)
Luka (ルーカ) Earth DF 118120648065636050506 Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv1) Horn Train (Lv26) God Knows (Lv62)
Manuel (マヌエル) Air DF 119118697361665945509 Big Moves! (Lv1) Sneaking Raid (Lv3) Power Charge (Lv16) Zigzag Flame (Lv50)
Jonas (ヨナス) Air MF 1241236664655665645913 Gunshot (Lv4) Gravitation (Lv16) Rocket Kobushi (Lv22) The Galaxy (Lv47)
Theo (テオ) Earth MF 1301086577585668514416 Heat Tackle (Lv1) Gunshot (Lv1) Stinger (Lv31) Iron Wall (Lv52)
Jan (ヤン) Wood MF 1291175664665562425420 Sneaking Raid (Lv1) U-Boat (Lv31) Defence Scan (Lv40) Gunshot (Lv66)
Niklas (ニクラス) Fire MF 1311126871585765465718 Flurry Dash (Lv1) Lightning Sprint (Lv24) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv47) Speed Plus (Lv53)
Ern (エルン) Fire MF 1251055777625856495312 Sneaking Raid (Lv1) Ground Running Blaze (Lv23) Echo Ball (Lv39) Emperor Penguin No.2 (Lv63)
Maxim (マキシム) Air FW 1171096763585663566511 U-Boat (Lv1) Dark Tornado (Lv1) Gladius Arch (Lv34) Move It! (Lv41)
Peter (ペーター) Fire FW 1161106762555564476314 U-Boat (Lv4) Divine Arrows (Lv28) Cross Drive (Lv34) Assault Shot (Lv49)
Elvin (エルビン) Earth FW 1201136565665566466515 Gunshot (Lv1) Aurora Dribble (Lv23) Leaping Thunder (Lv50) Emperor Penguin No.3 (Lv61)
Jens (イエンス) Wood FW 127106617367576063498 Ganymede Ray (Lv1) Sneaking Raid (Lv30) Emperor Penguin No.1 (Lv46) Shot Force (Lv54)

The Great Horn

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Zolani (ゾラニ) Earth GK 153108716452636356674 Capoeira Snatch (Lv1) Blazing Knuckle (Lv8) Power Charge (Lv37) Keeper Plus (Lv53)
Hiyuu (ヒュー) Earth GK 1441057267505860566414 Wild Claw (Lv1) Capoeira Snatch (Lv10) Big Spider (Lv39) Power Charge (Lv47)
Dinga (ディンガ) Fire DF 14889627645546662674 Rolling Slide (Lv1) Flame Dance (Lv12) Liar Shot (Lv42) Samba Strike (Lv58)
Jake (ジェイク) Fire DF 154756366455058607511 Rolling Slide (Lv4) Heat Tackle (Lv16) Full Power Shield (Lv31) Lucky! (Lv59)
Muzonge (ムゾンゲ) Wood DF 15388666348567560648 Heavy Mettle (Lv1) Gale Dash (Lv21) Liar Shot (Lv46) Study (Lv57)
Caxias (カシアス) Wood DF 15289616849495971787 Spider Web (Lv1) Horn Train (Lv1) Fireball Screw (Lv48) Beast Fang (Lv55)
Mubulelo (ムブレロ) Air DF 147986061505561646314 Sneaking Raid (Lv10) Rolling Slide (Lv16) Abaddon Drop (Lv34) Critical! (Lv52)
Kenede (ケネデ) Wood DF 143826360515165606111 Liar Shot (Lv8) Super Armadillo (Lv9) Zigzag Flame (Lv30) Sneaking Raid (Lv60)
Abari (アバリ) Air MF 14797687953587250606 Liar Shot (Lv6) Abaddon Drop (Lv26) Ultra Moon (Lv37) Wind God's Dance (Lv52)
Athol (アソール) Earth MF 14991597049515768796 Super Armadillo (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv17) Heat Tackle (Lv25) Mad Express (Lv48)
Reggie (レジー) Air MF 13995756458576655657 Kangaroo Kick (Lv1) Deceptor Dribble (Lv18) Stone Prison (Lv32) Whirlwind Force (Lv46)
Sulani (スラニ) Fire MF 146936061545351566323 Heat Tackle (Lv2) Tsunami Boost (Lv27) Rolling Slide (Lv39) U-Boat (Lv60)
Tenba (テンバ) Fire MF 158976863545255566814 Flame Dance (Lv1) Liar Shot (Lv17) Kangaroo Kick (Lv26) Divine Stamp (Lv42)
Natal (ナタル) Air FW 14494668357486559657 Liar Shot (Lv1) Lightning Sprint (Lv28) Whirlwind Force (Lv40) Speed Plus (Lv54)
Mulamuli (ムラムリ) Fire FW 1451007566404073606012 Liar Shot (Lv1) Heat Tackle (Lv16) Fireball Screw (Lv45) Breakthrough (Lv53)
Ezeckiel (ヘゼキエル) Fire FW 138948174404575356443 Liar Shot (Lv7) Hellfire (Lv38) Gale Dash (Lv47) Shoot Plus (Lv61)

Tenkuu no Shito

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Enolel (エノレル) Wood GK 1121465853607367515621 Holy Zone (Lv1) Heaven's Time (Lv1) Land of Ice (Lv48) God Catch (Lv72)
Nanael (ネネル) Fire DF 127124645864806752567 Heaven's Ascent (Lv1) Angel Ball (Lv43) Illusion Ball (Lv51) Speed Force (Lv66)
Genel (ゲネル) Earth DF 124118605569757253608 Heaven's Ascent (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv38) Heaven's Time (Lv49) Ground Running Blaze (Lv75)
Ekadel (エカデル) Air DF 120119636769787148567 Angel Ball (Lv1) Snow Angel (Lv52) Heavenly Drive (Lv58) Land of Ice (Lv67)
Elfel (エルフェル) Earth DF 125127586762658048597 Heaven's Ascent (Lv1) Gladius Arch (Lv58) Echo Ball (Lv62) Holy Zone (Lv70)
Sakinel (サキネル) Earth MF 1211205961636472525611 Angel Ball (Lv1) Excalibur (Lv57) Everyone Move It! (Lv64) Ultra Moon (Lv75)
Winel (ウイネル) Fire MF 113121647267617152608 Angel Ball (Lv1) Snow Angel (Lv50) The Ikaros (Lv61) Heaven's Time (Lv75)
Enuel (エヌエル) Wood MF 115115606168616951588 Angel Ball (Lv1) Ground Running Blaze (Lv1) Double Jaw (Lv61) Echo Ball (Lv69)
Aiel (アイエル) Wood MF 107136616374696749607 Heaven's Ascent (Lv1) Angel Ball (Lv51) Odin Sword (Lv68) Sleeping Dust (Lv75)
Guel (ギュエール) Air FW 109139656162648850598 Heavenly Drive (Lv1) The Ikaros (Lv1) Prima Donna (Lv43) Gungnir (Lv60)
Sein (セイン) Wood FW 125114716476626951606 Heavenly Drive (Lv1) Ultra Moon (Lv60) Shadow Ray (Lv60) Excalibur (Lv75)

Makai Gundan Z

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Astaroth (アスタロス) Fire GK 1231346556486657547115 The End (Lv1) Breakthrough 3 (Lv1) Fukkatsu! (Lv63) Big Spider (Lv75)
Beelzebub (ベルゼブ) Earth DF 1351196569477156507711 Hell's Descent (Lv1) Dark Whirlwind (Lv1) Trickery! (Lv54) Gravitation (Lv72)
Abigor (アビゴール) Air DF 1251176956526760527316 Devil Ball (Lv1) Heavy Mettle (Lv36) The End (Lv58) Field of Force (Lv72)
Hebimoth (ヘビーモス) Wood DF 126108667248666154788 Hell's Descent (Lv1) Gravitation (Lv37) Bewilder Blast (Lv47) Barbarian Shield (Lv56)
Belial (ベリアル) Air DF 1301076968505066527412 Hell's Descent (Lv1) Dark Matter (Lv42) Defence Plus (Lv71) Heavy Mettle (Lv72)
Mephisto (メフィスト) Air MF 1271166768465258527411 Devil Ball (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv48) Breakthrough 2 (Lv72) Offence Force (Lv73)
Glasya (グラーシャ) Earth MF 1311108077505054517113 Devil Ball (Lv1) Barbarian Shield (Lv41) Hellfire (Lv51) Bewilder Blast (Lv72)
Barbatos (バルバトス) Fire MF 1121307168615655547711 Hell's Descent (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv26) Trickery! (Lv57) Sleeping Dust (Lv72)
Arachnes (アラクネス) Fire MF 1141326874514661537214 Devil Ball (Lv1) Sleeping Dust (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv59) Grand Fire (Lv72)
Satanathos (サタナトス) Wood FW 1341047375464670497116 Dark Matter (Lv37) Barbarian Shield (Lv37) Dark Whirlwind (Lv43) Dark Phoenix (Lv60)
Desta (デスタ) Earth FW 137121807355495855789 Dark Matter (Lv1) Gravitation (Lv32) Shadow Ray (Lv60) Hellfire (Lv75)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Luceafǎr (ザゴメル Zagomel) Earth GK 160180505050995860632 High Voltage (Lv1) Needle Hammer (Lv1) Electrap (Lv1) Fukkatsu! (Lv46)
Bump Trungus (ブボー Bubo) Air DF 1271544973488163495914 Ground Quake (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv1) Sigma Zone (Lv65)
Lump Trungus (ゲボー Gebo) Fire DF 1271424871497662506012 Diabolical Cut (Lv1) Mad Express (Lv1) Defence Force (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv52)
Jenkins (ジニスキー Jinisuki) Wood DF 1311454973467654686410 Volcano Cut (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv1) Defence Force (Lv66)
Ischer (ダイッコ Daikko) Wood DF 124156527450785570577 Power Charge (Lv1) Konshin! (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv56) Electrap (Lv62)
Stark (イッカス Ikkasu) Earth MF 1281405172744954685912 Doom Rain (Lv1) Gravitation (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv41) Field of Force (Lv58)
Triumvir (サンダユウ Sandayuu) Wood MF 1261495080715358646511 Breakthrough 3 (Lv1) Gravitation (Lv4) Doom Spear (Lv54) Power Charge (Lv60)
Gunther (ドラッヘ Drache) Fire MF 1351535175535060687113 Sigma Zone (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv34) Offence Force (Lv53)
Callous (ミストレ Mistre) Earth FW 1301587353515476595814 Doom Spear (Lv1) Doom Rain (Lv41) Breakthrough 2 (Lv53) Devil Ball (Lv54)
Malice (エスカバ Eskaba) Earth FW 1261507848544872606324 Doom Rain (Lv1) Angel Ball (Lv1) Bewilder Blast (Lv48) Doom Spear (Lv67)
Lancer (バダップ Baddap) Wood FW 1271528151525272726511 Doom Break (Lv1) Doom Spear (Lv1) Konshin! (Lv57) Field of Force (Lv63)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Mask (じゅうぞう Juuzou) Air GK 1181165256617356545336 Economy! (Lv1) Killer Blade (Lv1) Warp Space (Lv1) Galatyn (Lv50)
Zombie (ふし Fushi) Earth GK 137944751504064745622 Sumo Stomp (Lv1) Warp Space (Lv1) Rocket Kobushi (Lv28) Counter Strike (Lv47)
Styx (さんず Sanzu) Wood DF 1071135647685264594627 Ghost Pull (Lv1) Phantom Shot (Lv15) Black Magic (Lv30) Gladius Arch (Lv55)
Franky (フランケン Franken) Earth DF 1231285566477052614823 Fireball Head (Lv10) Double Rocket (Lv30) Blazing Knuckle (Lv42) Counter Strike (Lv56)
Undead (ふじみ Fujimi) Fire DF 1261065258566156795325 Fukkatsu! (Lv1) Phantom Shot (Lv12) Warp Drive (Lv44) Shadow Stitch (Lv50)
Creepy (やなぎだ Yanagida) Air DF 1121085254575760546323 Doppelganger (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv10) Ghost Pull (Lv21) Fake Bomber (Lv49)
Jiangshi (れいげん Reigen) Air MF 1011125562515256656226 Ghost Pull (Lv1) Black Magic (Lv9) Ganymede Ray (Lv28) Dark Whirlwind (Lv39)
Mummy (ミイラ Miira) Wood MF 971375448605273546122 Ghost Pull (Lv1) Dark Whirlwind (Lv23) Spider Web (Lv35) Warp Space (Lv44)
Grave (やつはか Yatsuhaka) Fire MF 981275768605262565519 Black Magic (Lv1) Shadow Stitch (Lv36) Hurricane Arrows (Lv40) Whirlwind Cut (Lv51)
Wolfy (つきむら Tsukimura) Fire MF 1091156170455274536030 Magic (Lv1) Phantom Shot (Lv1) Ultra Moon (Lv40) Legendary Wolf (Lv75)
Ghost (まかい Makai) Wood MF 1161006450544448565435 Ghost Pull (Lv10) Black Magic (Lv15) Barbarian Shield (Lv42) Rolling Hell (Lv50)
Sanguin (ブラッド Blood) Earth MF 1101327252525156466058 No Element (Lv1) Phantom Shot (Lv1) Poison Fog (Lv17) Barbarian Shield (Lv52)
Dollman (にんぎょう Ningyou) Wood FW 98965266454853535053 Phantom Shot (Lv9) Spider Web (Lv18) Doppelganger (Lv32) Aikido (Lv66)
Noir (くろがみ Kurogami) Wood FW 951205645485852694517 Black Magic (Lv1) Psycho Shot (Lv21) Deceptor Dribble (Lv30) Death Zone (Lv83)
Alien (つぶらや Tsuburaya) Air FW 1001124854675048584428 Comet Shot (Lv1) Astro Break (Lv16) Kung Fu Header (Lv38) Cosmic Blast (Lv47)
Talisman (ゆうこく Yuukoku) Wood FW 1051356264564860626316 Teleport Shot (Lv1) Phantom Shot (Lv10) Astro Break (Lv26) Death Zone (Lv53)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Boar (イノシシ Inoshishi) Fire GK 1241284864506960546236 Recovery (Lv1) Wild Claw (Lv1) Table-Turner (Lv37) Burn Out (Lv56)
Bullford (ウシ Ushi) Fire GK 1261294168487731516431 Blazing Knuckle (Lv1) Toughness Block (Lv1) Wild Claw (Lv36) Gigant Wall (Lv53)
Toad (カエル Kaeru) Wood DF 97946152484854575024 Bubble Gum (Lv1) Warp Drive (Lv18) Fake Ball (Lv38) Spider Web (Lv49)
Fishman (サカナ Sakana) Wood DF 1131135264515146695124 Quick Draw (Lv1) Spinning Cut (Lv25) Tsunami Boost (Lv44) Water Veil (Lv58)
Raccoon (アライグマ Araiguma) Wood DF 1201065353534451684741 Super Armadillo (Lv1) Grenade Shot (Lv18) Armadillo Circus (Lv37) About Face (Lv40)
Lion (ライオン) Earth DF 1381097852426451545839 Super Armadillo (Lv1) Horn Train (Lv1) Mole Shuffle (Lv40) Beast Fang (Lv75)
Monkey (サル Saru) Air MF 108965464564853525425 Monkey Turn (Lv1) Tarzan Kick (Lv1) Kangaroo Kick (Lv35) Moonsault (Lv55)
Chameleon (カメレオン) Air MF 1121014647496057604833 Cool Up! (Lv1) Quick Draw (Lv1) Invisible Fake (Lv48) Mirage Shot (Lv54)
Mouseman (ネズミ Nezumi) Earth MF 113944250524479544550 Fake Ball (Lv15) Bewildered (Lv25) Rainbow Arc (Lv42) Afterimage (Lv55)
Koala (コアラ) Wood MF 971175449575148514936 Tarzan Kick (Lv1) Monkey Turn (Lv30) Run Ball Run (Lv48) Illusion Ball (Lv51)
Chicken (ニワトリ Niwatori) Fire MF 1041015244564664675445 Dash Accelerator (Lv1) Fire Rooster (Lv1) Whirlwind Cut (Lv34) Boost Glider (Lv70)
Eagle (ワシ Washi) Air MF 1171205668674968536825 Condor Dive (Lv1) Hawk Shot (Lv20) Whirlwind Cut (Lv32) Eagle Buster (Lv71)
Panda (パンダ) Fire FW 1151245653485852554642 Killer Slide (Lv1) Breakthrough (Lv24) Kung Fu Header (Lv35) Armadillo Circus (Lv66)
Cheetah (チーター) Air FW 991125947694684424758 Tarzan Kick (Lv1) Southern Cross (Lv1) Dynamite Shot (Lv24) Clone Shot (Lv60)
Gorilla (ゴリラ) Earth FW 121947866416448526713 Recovery (Lv1) Tarzan Kick (Lv1) Super Armadillo (Lv1) Power Charge (Lv48)
Snake (ヘビ Hebi) Wood FW 1061235563624955654524 Snake Shot (Lv1) Zigzag Spark (Lv21) Cross Drive (Lv36) Lightning Sprint (Lv65)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Feldt (たけし Takeshi) Wood GK 1371315669587668505232 Never Give Up (Lv1) Shot Pocket (Lv1) Double Rocket (Lv30) Drill Smasher (Lv52)
Under (ましも Mashimo) Wood GK 1221054440406948617037 Shot Pocket (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv26) Defence Scan (Lv38) Triple Defence (Lv49)
Waters (みずぶち Mizubuchi) Wood DF 981014864515245644515 Sumo Stomp (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv24) Patriot Shot (Lv33) Iron Wall (Lv55)
Good (のり Nori) Wood DF 1131104747486048715034 Defence Scan (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv24) Perimeter Zone (Lv29) Earthquake (Lv34)
Stronger (つよし Tsuyoshi) Fire DF 1121214846505747556831 Defence Scan (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv24) Psycho Shot (Lv29) Assault Shot (Lv38)
Marvel (きょう Kyou) Earth DF 127955062524852575141 Defence Scan (Lv1) Dynamite Shot (Lv20) Attack Scan (Lv26) Mad Express (Lv58)
Leading (ゆう Yuu) Air DF 1091125259484761574839 Defence Scan (Lv1) Patriot Shot (Lv29) Attack Scan (Lv31) Invisible Fake (Lv48)
Stiller (つづき Tsuzuki) Air MF 1031375648475550466035 Attack Scan (Lv1) Meteor Attack (Lv27) Utter Gutsiness Catch (Lv35) Spectacular Crash (Lv42)
Oughtry (ひらお Hirao) Earth MF 1101135552455846446739 Psycho Shot (Lv1) Meteor Shower (Lv20) Defence Scan (Lv30) Patriot Shot (Lv60)
Tell (けい Kei) Wood MF 1011184753536062484730 Attack Scan (Lv1) Psycho Shot (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv25) Gunshot (Lv55)
Rock (いわお Iwao) Fire MF 1061045646634848525244 Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Patriot Shot (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv27) Sling Shot (Lv55)
Kind (しん Shin) Wood MF 1071094953645150534934 Defence Scan (Lv1) Psycho Shot (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv26) Twin Boost F (Lv48)
Busta (ばく Baku) Fire MF 115985567524948504946 Recovery (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv25) Ganymede Ray (Lv45)
Mooney (ながとも Nagatomo) Fire FW 1091015849545055584634 Patriot Shot (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv24) Breakthrough (Lv36) Utter Gutsiness Club (Lv48)
Seller (せり Seri) Air FW 1201135554504955584648 Psycho Shot (Lv1) Attack Scan (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv27) Double Jaw (Lv65)
Turner (あらた Arata) Fire FW 1211255758705262605521 Cool Up! (Lv1) Gungnir (Lv1) Fire Tornado (Lv10) Fireball Storm (Lv55)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Idol (アイドル) Earth GK 1011416058545558654723 Lucky! (Lv1) Sliding Goal (Lv1) Utter Gutsiness Catch (Lv34) Dimensional Hand (Lv70)
Eldorado (とうま Touma) Fire GK 120985363617248284930 Swan Dive (Lv1) Dragon Crash (Lv18) Pressure Punch (Lv27) Flash Upper (Lv52)
Train (てっちゃん Tecchan) Fire DF 981166160535652415437 Fake Ball (Lv1) Psycho Shot (Lv26) Zigzag Spark (Lv33) Mad Express (Lv48)
Vox (せいゆう Seiyuu) Air DF 1001174855605346504741 Fake Ball (Lv1) Flurry Dash (Lv26) Defence Scan (Lv40) Echo Ball (Lv59)
Cosplay (コスプレ) Earth DF 1071285952565856406230 Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv1) Super Sumo Stomp (Lv1) Liar Shot (Lv50) Trickery! (Lv57)
Formby (フィギュア Figure) Earth DF 991235458614546484826 Doppelganger (Lv1) Toughness Block (Lv26) Spider Web (Lv35) Dual Strike (Lv46)
Net (ネット) Wood DF 1161144662545249594938 Defence Scan (Lv25) Black Magic (Lv35) Heavy Mettle (Lv42) Cross Drive (Lv51)
Signalman (きうち Kiuchi) Air MF 1171055456555253485929 Bewildered (Lv1) Coil Turn (Lv22) Stone Prison (Lv34) Patriot Shot (Lv48)
Robot (ロボ) Air MF 1141266060525854415134 Bewildered (Lv1) Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv26) Coil Turn (Lv38) Twin Boost (Lv43)
Novel (ノベル) Wood MF 941246055565861574826 Trickery! (Lv1) Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv1) Fake Ball (Lv26) Whale Guard (Lv37)
Hero (ヒーロー) Fire MF 1231076262615556507122 Never Give Up (Lv1) Fake Ball (Lv1) Comet Shot (Lv24) The Earth (Lv75)
Online (オンライン) Wood FW 961055456646255444925 Bewildered (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv35) Attack Scan (Lv47) Desert Blast (Lv50)
Custom (じさくは Jisakuha) Air FW 1121205862526154475949 Lucky! (Lv1) Cool Up! (Lv1) Bewildered (Lv25) Inazuma Drop (Lv40)
Gamer (ゲームき Gameki) Fire FW 1051085860595255455928 Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv1) Bewildered (Lv28) Fake Bomber (Lv39) Shine Drive (Lv55)
Artist (まんがか Mangaka) Air FW 1091215256586353516421 Bewildered (Lv1) Utter Gutsiness Club (Lv1) Doppelganger (Lv21) Paladin Strike (Lv60)
Arcade (アーケード) Wood FW 1181045757555652475328 Everyone Move It! (Lv1) Bewildered (Lv1) Cross Drive (Lv26) Utter Gutsiness Bat (Lv40)

Royal Academy

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
King (げんおう Genou) Fire GK 1291295553697555646013 Economy! (Lv1) Critical! (Lv1) Infinite Wall (Lv1) Drill Smasher (Lv10)
Carlton (ひょうどう Hyoudou) Wood GK 108130585563626562558 Power Shield (Lv1) Full Power Shield (Lv24) Earthquake (Lv35) Big Spider (Lv44)
Drent (だいでん Daiden) Earth DF 1301085464597144636218 Supreme Spin (Lv1) Earthquake (Lv20) Reflect Buster (Lv42) Ground Quake (Lv64)
Simmons (ばんじょう Banjou) Wood DF 124120586362605955697 Breakthrough (Lv1) Cyclone (Lv1) Dog Run (Lv44) Double Cyclone (Lv55)
Martin (ごじょう Gojou) Wood DF 1181286252706263605210 Killer Slide (Lv1) Clone Faker (Lv1) Defence Scan (Lv31) Sigma Zone (Lv49)
Master (なるかみ Narukami) Air MF 120124606458695962662 Offence Force (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv1) Echo Ball (Lv62)
Bloom (さきやま Sakiyama) Fire MF 117124517167526854629 Trickery! (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Wrath Shot (Lv1) Breakthrough 3 (Lv52)
Swing (どうめん Doumen) Air MF 1221244556765969606110 Trickery! (Lv1) Bubble Gum (Lv1) Clone Faker (Lv32) Death Zone 2 (Lv75)
Waldon (へんみ Henmi) Air MF 120121626072596557526 Killer Slide (Lv1) Breakthrough 2 (Lv1) Freeze Shot (Lv36) Gladius Arch (Lv66)
Potts (しぶき Shibuki) Air MF 1261215352545652604454 Moonsault (Lv1) Whirlwind Twister (Lv19) Armadillo Circus (Lv40) Kung Fu Header (Lv45)
Tomlinson (えな Ena) Air FW 1051255360526154525328 Grenade Shot (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv28) Breakthrough (Lv41) Twin Boost F (Lv57)
Ingham (おおくす Ookusu) Earth FW 1251206153575247544666 Never Give Up (Lv1) Abaddon Drop (Lv30) Hawk Shot (Lv35) Comet Shot (Lv39)
Lawrenson (むくもと Mukumoto) Air FW 1121185457706353565514 Breakthrough (Lv1) Spiral Shot (Lv29) Double Wrath Shot (Lv36) Baby Dragon (Lv56)
Hatch (じもん Jimon) Wood FW 111121605568685261644 Trickery! (Lv1) Killer Slide (Lv1) Double Cyclone (Lv10) Double Wrath Shot (Lv45)


Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Poseidon (ポセイドン) Earth GK 1071406059508144567013 Big Moves! (Lv1) Tsunami Wall (Lv1) Gigant Wall (Lv1) Stone Prison (Lv60)
Icarus (イカロス Ikaros) Air GK 111125686266704459648 Tsunami Wall (Lv1) Hawk Shot (Lv1) Galatyn (Lv47) The Ikaros (Lv62)
Apollo (アポロン Apollon) Wood DF 1081286970627353485512 Divine Stamp (Lv1) Shine Drive (Lv36) Dual Storm (Lv40) Dash Storm (Lv71)
Hephestus (ヘパイス) Fire DF 103131606065696258586 Dash Storm (Lv1) Divine Stamp (Lv1) Hellfire (Lv58) Fire Rooster (Lv67)
Ares (アレス) Earth DF 112125617265685657603 Divine Stamp (Lv1) Ghost Pull (Lv45) Power Charge (Lv55) Rolling Hell (Lv70)
Dionysus (ディオ Dio) Air DF 114126626860675053649 Recovery (Lv1) Mega Quake (Lv1) Mega Wall (Lv50) Gravestone (Lv64)
Heracles (ヘラクレス) Fire DF 1051255460666855536514 Sumo Stomp (Lv1) Earthquake (Lv45) Matador Feint (Lv53) Mega Quake (Lv58)
Chronos (クロノス) Wood DF 1081264866626260596610 Heaven's Time (Lv1) Kung Fu Header (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv46) Temporal Wall (Lv59)
Artemis (アルテミス) Air MF 1021226256766044455820 Heaven's Time (Lv1) Photon Crash (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv36) Divine Arrows (Lv60)
Hermes (ヘルメス) Wood MF 1061245658696257576214 Trickery! (Lv1) Heaven's Time (Lv1) Divine Stamp (Lv40) Colosseum Guard (Lv58)
Athena (アテナ) Wood MF 106128606362637156573 Dash Storm (Lv1) Spinning Cut (Lv1) Perimeter Zone (Lv45) Sigma Zone (Lv55)
Medusa (メドゥーサ) Earth MF 109130597162586360516 Snake Shot (Lv1) Spider Web (Lv1) Diabolical Cut (Lv56) Barbarian Shield (Lv60)
Hera (ヘラ) Fire MF 126128486860676470607 Killer Slide (Lv1) Planet Shield (Lv1) Divine Arrows (Lv10) God Break (Lv80)
Aphrodite (アフロディ2 Aphrodi2) Wood MF 1081327969775961495227 Shot Force (Lv1) God Knows (Lv1) God Break (Lv50) The Ikaros (Lv66)
Demeter (デメテル) Fire FW 128130705964566063627 Shoot Plus (Lv1) Warp Drive (Lv1) Reflect Buster (Lv10) Divine Arrows (Lv58)
Achilles (アキレス) Earth FW 110127726062516360557 Black Magic (Lv1) Gravestone (Lv35) Divine Stamp (Lv50) Divine Arrows (Lv68)

Special Players

Name Element Position FP TP Kick Body Control Guard Speed Stamina Guts Freedom 1st Move 2nd Move 3rd Move 4th Move
Carl Kappa (カッパ Kappa) Air GK 1211227449486471705717 Welcome Back (Lv1) Liar Shot (Lv1) Big Moves! (Lv1) Great Barrier Reef (Lv20)
Rococo kid (ロココ) Earth GK 1021325850578555697311 Soul Hand (Lv10) God Hand X (Lv15) X Blast (Lv20) Blade Attack (Lv50)
Silvia Woods (きの Kino) Earth GK 1041454458527451646814 Never Give Up (Lv1) God Hand (Lv1) Pegasus Shot (Lv35) Mugen The Hand (Lv70)
Bobby Shearer 2 (どもん2 Domon 2) Wood DF 128109566152766072526 Killer Slide (Lv1) Volcano Cut (Lv21) Back Tornado (Lv32) The Galaxy (Lv55)
Camellia Travis (ふゆか Fuyuka) Wood DF 1091374050607258485846 Inazuma-1 (Lv1) Sleeping Dust (Lv1) Snow Angel (Lv30) Legendary Wolf (Lv55)
Shawn Froste 2 (scarf DF) (ふぶき2 Fubuki 2) Air DF 108120595768647069508 Land of Ice (Lv1) Spinning Cut (Lv16) Eternal Blizzard (Lv42) Frozen Steal (Lv59)
Paul Peabody (たまごろう Tamagorou) Air DF 126130455262706473745 Bewildered (Lv5) God Hand (Lv22) Majin The Hand (Lv42) Soul Hand (Lv75)
Celia Hills (おとなし Otonashi) Air MF 1281284854696069515821 Lucky! (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv1) Field of Force (Lv50) Death Zone 2 (Lv70)
Erik Eagle 2 (いちのせ2 Ichinose 2) Wood MF 127113706075546353616 Spinning Shot (Lv1) Moonsault (Lv18) Flame Dance (Lv30) Atomic Flare (Lv53)
Jude Sharp 2 (blue cape) (きどう2 Kidou 2) Air MF 1231266359795268566817 Aikido (Lv1) Spinning Cut (Lv1) Inazuma Break (Lv1) Death Zone 2 (Lv55)
Canon Evans (カノン Kanon) Air FW 1321156059646960626714 Inazuma-1 (Lv1) Megaton Head (Lv1) Circus Block (Lv30) Legendary Wolf (Lv45)
Shawn Froste 2 (scarf FW) (ふぶき2 Fubuki 2) Air FW 1201206859644677605029 Eternal Blizzard (Lv1) Aurora Dribble (Lv12) Dog Run (Lv42) Northern Impact (Lv60)
Masaki (まさき) Wood FW 1021264956575655555630 Psycho Shot (Lv41) Illusion Ball (Lv42) Dirt Ball (Lv49) Dark Phoenix (Lv54)
Maxwell Carson (Max) (マックス Max) Air FW 1251275156726460565722 Quick Draw (Lv1) Illusion Ball (Lv20) Dash Storm (Lv38) Speed Force (Lv55)
Nelly Raimon (なつみ Natsumi) Fire FW 1181316864655244496221 Charm Up! (Lv1) Bed Of Roses (Lv1) Matador Feint (Lv31) The Earth (Lv75)
Shadow Cimmerian (シャドウ Shadow) Wood FW 1041186074686863525623 Dark Tornado (Lv1) Card Buster (Lv30) Diabolical Cut (Lv55) Dark Phoenix (Lv65)
Syon Blaze (まさと Masato) Fire FW 127110706076676254585 Heat Tackle (Lv1) Inazuma Drop (Lv1) Gale Dash (Lv30) Grand Fire (Lv45)
William Glass (Willy) (メガネ Megane) Wood FW 981445651685756536022 Jinx (Lv1) Spectacular Crash (Lv30) Trickery! (Lv50) Chaos Break (Lv75)